Nema 42 stepper motor

Nema 42 stepper motor, 110mm width,hybrid type,2 phases,1.8 degree/step
high voltage,110v-240v

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Nema 42 stepper motor

Features &


fast response,big torque,low hot ,High speed can be up to 3000rpm, brushless,long life time,reliable,high efficient

Product application

industrial,commercial,Agriculture applications and machine,such as AGV,lown mower machine,big printer,ATM...

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Products Datalist:

Model namePhase currentStep angleResistanceInductanceHolding torqueBody lengthMatch gearbox
BS42L2208A1.8 degree6 Ohm1 mH20 Nm220mmPX110,RV40,RV50

Products Drawings:

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Typical application and cases:

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