popular DC 12.0V PM permanent magnet stepper motor

This is a 4-phase 5-wire permanent magnet stepper motor (motor and reduction gear box are integrated).
24BYJ48 has 16, 32, 64, and 90 reduction ratios, and 28BYJ48 has only 64 speed ratios.
It is applied for stage lights, air-conditioning air outlet windshield, light and small valves and other similar applications.
The step angle is 5.625 degrees.

Products Details:

Products Specification:

1、Rated voltage: DC 12.0V

2、Phase No.: 4

3、Ratio: 1: 64

4、Step angle: 5.625°/64

5、Drive: 4-PH 8 Step

6、No load output frequence: Max 1200Hz

7、No load input frequence: Max 800Hz

8、Torque: Max 1000gf.cm (DC12V 100Hz)

9、Resistance: 200Q±7%(25°C)

10、Self-positioning torque: Max 600gf.cm

11、Insulation resistance: Max 50MQ(500V,DC)

12、Insulation dielectric strength: 600V AC/1S,<=1mA

13、Temperature rise: <=40K

Products Drawings:

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