80mm Diameter 48V 400W Long Life Time Brushless DC motor BLDC

Brushless dc motor series,with hall sensor built-in.
High efficiency and energy saving.
Long life time,reliable.
Driver is optional.
Can be customized.

Products Information:

Product  attributes 

80mm Diameter 48V 400W Long Life Time Brushless DC motor BLDC

Features &


80mm diameter,can be made of 36v or 48v,from 300w to 1HP. can match PX80 planetary gearbox or RV30/RV40 worm gearboxes,PWM speed regulation,direction control,electric brake,speed feedback signal, brushless,long life time,reliable,high efficient,save energy

Product application

industrial,commercial,Agriculture applications and machine,such as AGV,lown mower machine,big printer,ATM...

Products Details:

48V 400W Brushless DC motors

Products Datalist:

Model nameRated voltageNo load speedNoimal powerNoimal currentRated torqueWeightMatch gearbox
BLF8048V3000RPM400W10A2.8Nm4KgPX80 ,RV40

Products Drawings:

48V 400W Brushless DC motors

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48V 400W Gear Brushless DC motorsbrushless dc motor drivers

  the drivers for such bldc motors (300w) with or without hall sensor, Modbus RS485 communication interface is optional.

Typical application and cases:

electric window curtain motors

How to choose electric motors?

here is the table which including most types of electric motors, you can see the main features and difference of the performance and usages:


ItemsBrush dc motorBrushless dc motorStepper motorServo motorRelated gearboxHub motorInduction AC motor



dc motor.JPG




Inner rotorstepper motor.JPG servo motor.JPGWorm gearSpur gearPlanetary gear Bevel gear  hub wheel motor.JPG Induction AC motor.JPG
ourter rotor bldc motor.JPG bldc motor.JPG SELF-LOCK rv Worm gearbox .JPG spur gearbox.JPG planetary gearbox.JPG right angle bevel gearbox.JPG
Typical Application

 Run with DC power supply,such as battery.drive direct

 DC power UAV,




no need positioning

 Need positioning





 low speed high torque machine low speed high torque machine low speed high torque machine

low speed high torque

high precision



wheel; chair car

Factory machine



easy speed regulation and direction control

 High speed,


long life time and high efficient

low speed

about 300-1000rpm

 high speed up to 3000rpm

fast response

self lock cheap big reduction

very precision 


easy usewidely use



Q1: do your company have factory or just wholesale?

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A2: Depends. If we have some in stock, and the cost is low, we can provide free samples.

       usually we will charge for samples,but we could provide free samples after the first time till the     

       samples are approved.

Q3: How fast can you produce and ship the goods when order is made?

A3: Depends. sometimes we have some standard models in stock, then lead time for samples will be fast. 

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