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A High-Performance Cobot With Industrial Speed

Comau is one of the leading players in automation. Now the Italian company has launched its Racer-5 COBOT, a high-speed, six-axis robot with the ability to switch seamlessly between collaborative and industrial modes. Comau’s Marketing Director Duilio Amico explains how it furthers the company drive towards HUMANufacturing:

What is Racer-5 COBOT

Duilio Amico: Racer-5 COBOT offers a different approach to cobotics. We have created a solution with the speed, accuracy and durability of an industrial robot, but added sensors that allow it to work with humans. A cobot is by its nature slower and less precise than an industrial robot because it needs to cooperate with humans. Its maximum speed is therefore limited to ensure that if it comes into contact with a person no-one is harmed. But we have solved this issue by adding a laser scanner which senses the proximity of a person and prompts the robot to slow to collaborative speed. This allows interaction between humans and the robot to take place in a safe environment. The robot will also stop if it is touched by a human. Software measures the feedback current it gets when it comes into contact and judges whether it is a human contact. The robot can then resume at collaborative speed when the human is near but not touching or continue at industrial speed when they have moved away.


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