nema 34 stepping motor high precision

high precision Nema 34 stepper motor, max.12 Nm holding torque,hybrid type,2 phases,1.8 degree/step

Products Information:

Product  attributes 

high precision Nema 34 stepper motor,max.12Nm,600rpm

Features &


fast response,big torque,low hot ,High speed can be up to 3000rpm, brushless,long life time,reliable,high efficient

Product application

industrial,commercial,Agriculture applications and machine,such as AGV,lown mower machine,big printer,ATM...

Products Details:

nema34 3.jpg

Products Datalist:

Model namePhase currentStep angleResistanceInductanceHolding torqueBody lengthMatch gearbox
BS86L1184.5A1.8 degree6 Ohm9 mH8 Nm118mmPX86,RV40

Products Drawings:

drawings of nema 34 stepping motors.JPG

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the drivers for such bldc motors (300w) with or without hall sensor, Modbus RS485 communication interface is optional.

Typical application and cases:

engraving cnc machine.jpg


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